About Me
Even before my studies of the English language, Anglo-American culture and General History, I started a conscious spiritual development process at the age of 20.
After some impressive experiences with as patient of a healer, I attended workshops of the Inner Peace Movement® while I was living in Prague for a short time. In these, and in a smaller practicing group, we learned step by step to feel our aura, to send energies, to use our telepathic abilities and to communicate with our so-called guardian angels via inner physical impulses. 

In 1996 I began attending a series of seminars in the NATHAL® Institute run by Dr. Gertje Lathan and Dr. Philippe Lathan. The (quantum) leaps in my personal development, which resulted from these experiences and insights, widened my horizon far beyond what was generally known at that time in my personal and professional environment. They satisfied my thirst for knowledge and my hunger for inner fulfillment. And they prepared me well for the many complex challenges we are facing in today's times, challenges for which we, as a global society, must and will find simple solutions.

From the very beginning of these seminars, one of the most important topics we were dealing with was the 'dissolution' of our own character weaknesses, which are usually a neglected obstacle to achieving the highest possible neutrality. This neutrality is necessary receiving messages and energies from 'the other side of the veil'. The main focuses of this technique are to enable a gradual self-healing process, enhance one's perception of the known and unknown senses and serve as information channel for messages from the spiritual world − from timeless and spaceless sources.

By 2004, I had completed the NATHAL® Institute training series up to Advanced Seminar 7, attended a number of special seminars and become a member of the Southern German 'Healing Project Group'. The following is a brief overview of the contents of these seminars:
  • Learning the dialogue with other levels of existence
  • Experiencing one's own self in the private, professional and superordinate future: discovery of development potentials
  • Experiencing future tasks and steps, new skills and areas of research
  • Discovering a new range of perception with regard to colours, sounds and music in their complex contexts
  • Purposeful regulation of one's own body's temperature for developing a more sensitive perception of information, feelings and energies
  • Transferring one's whole consciousness, with all its senses, into the past and future
  • Perception and transmission of information and energies over long distances
(Scientific proof of the synchronization of both brain hemispheres and the creation of new synapses after learning the NATHAL® Method was delivered in 1985 by Günther Haffelder's 'Institut für Kommunikation und Gehirnforschung' ['Institute for Communication and Brain Research'], one decade before neuroscience generally acknowledged this possibility.)
Over the following years, I continued my personal learning process in this and other fields by attending seminars, reading a lot of literature and exchanging ideas and experience with many other people from all sorts of disciplines. Even in everyday life, I was able to notice an ever more refined sensitivity in so-called "extra"-sensory perception. Over time, my desire to make my biggest hobby and inner vocation my profession started to grow. In the summer of 2011, I left my job as a teacher in the Bavarian school system (which is also in need of a general overhaul) and turned to new fields within the scope of Holistic Balancing. Between September 2011 and July 2013 I took part in the training course in Psycho-Holistik® (for counselling, coaching and psychotherapy) in the 'In Hope' Institute in Munich and make use of selected methods in my coachings.
In February 2016, my personal love for Hawaii received a surprising as well as somewhat logical explanation: Kahuna Kalei'iliahi (www.kaleiiliahi.com) recognized me as a former colleague and friend. I had already had memories of former lifetimes in other parts of the world. Much of the background for the synchronicities which led me to Hawaii for several times became clearer and I had now an explanation for my memories of living lives as a shaman. Since then, I have been tracking down my old knowldege and wisdom, which had been stored in my DNA over many centuries, just as I help others to remember their own past in former incarnations. 
I see my self-given tasks as a service to the community, with the purpose of achieving the utmost possible well-being and happiness for all people. Like everyone else, I can contribute in my very own and individual way to this end − in my healings, in my coachings and in my trainings for self-healing and intuition, both in private life and in business. As a 'member' of a global community of mankind, which is becoming more and more conscious, in the aftermath of a social system that was based on competition and displacement and is currently forming a new basis for the future, it is my aim to help everyone focus on the positive and the potentials in everything and everyone, to help access them in all situations, and to train like-minded people to become contributors in their very own and special way as well.
Every contribution of every human being on this path towards a healthier and happier future is highly valuable!

I therefore look forward to any new experience, in which I can use my personal strengths to help and support individuals, groups and companies that have the same aim!

Marco Riccato
Waldstraße 12
82223 Eichenau

Mobile +49 172 2312156
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