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Transformation of your company
a 'corporeal light worker'

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Building Bridges
from the Old to the New Ways of Thinking

I accompany firm owners and chief executives in processes of transformation of their companies to a 'corporeal light worker'.

As a spiritual entrepreneur you see potential for a change towards new awareness and new models of operation and cooperation serving society, your employees, your partners and yourself better than ever before. 
I am here to assist you in making this change a rewarding experience.

This is what this process may look like:

Together, we intuitively receive and clarify visions of how your firm has its best potential to become a 'corporeal light worker' for its fields of activity, its local area, people involved and human beings in general.

My specialty is a step-by-step process in the framework of the big picture, intuitively feeling into the overarching vision and possibilities together with you, and into the next move and moves that bring you towards this aim. More will open up as we move forward.

You are the specialist in running your company.
I am the specialist who supports you in feeling into what you really want to achieve with your whole being and how you can achieve it in a way that is most aligned with your and all our spiritual Source. I assist you in listening to your own intuition and align it with a greater picture, embedded in spiritual factors and components inside and outside your company from a modern spiritual perspective.

Thus, you are able to transform your enterprise into a place of deeply-felt purposeful serving, shining its light, where more and more employees see and use their real power to shine their very own light and pass on positivity, with the services provided, or products supplied, and especially in how this is being done, in inner and outer processes and communication. 

It is a process in which we both tune into the visions received in alignment with Source, and in which you move on in your decisions, measures and actions inside your company and with your staff as you intuitively feel it to be accurate with the utmost assistance necessary for your inner clarity

Together, we set the stage for a harmonious unfolding and growing of awareness for purpose and interconnectedness inside your company, which will effectfully be in synchronicity with changes outside your enterprise, e.g. concerning your cooperating partners and changes in society.

The abundance in purposefulness and happiness that is experienced in this process goes hand-in-hand with an abundance in new opportunities that are being attracted. 

The time of the accompaniment can range from a few months to several years, depending on many factors as your personal project for it, your company's field of possibly international and intercultural activity, its size, and the complexity of variables to be brought into a working synchronicity.
The intensity in which you wish to be accompanied is wholly up to you. I may give you my picture what I believe to feel and see as most appropriate and effective. The decision, however, will be yours.

The following seeming paradox is most effective:
The more time is allowed, especially for establishing the inner alignment with source and clarity inside, the faster change can occur and the more thorough, sustainable and self-empowering its positive effects will be.

What You Gain (Summary):

–  an inner and outer place of deeply-felt serving, 
–  a clearer feeling of alignment with Source, 
–  a harmonious unfolding in a precious process, 
–  a considerable rise in awareness of holistic contexts,
–  an abundance in purposefulness, happiness and new opportunities.

I look forward to working together with you in your exciting professional life project!



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